WW300 High Tack Graphic Film

MACtac WW300 is a white matt soft calendered PVC film 100µ especially designed for medium term indoor or outdoor on difficult substrates

The very high tack & adhesion properties of this product will make it adhere to a wide variety of substrates including most types of flat walls, interior or exterior and even on latex painted walls, often regarded as the most difficult paints.

Industrial applications: road/forest/builders’ machines, waste containers.

Also very well suited for carpet graphics: WW300 is being used for interior short-napped commercial grade carpeting floor graphics when used in conjunction with PF6000 series, slip-resistant over- laminating films!



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Microsoft Word – WW300 issue 4 July 2013 – uk.doc

SHELF LIFE – 2 years when stored at 15 to 25°C and ± 50 % relative humidity (in the original packaging).

DURABILITY – IMAGin WW 300 issue 4 JS 07/2013 Page 1 / 2

The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 4 years (Middle European Exposure conditions, vertical exposure). Overlamination of the inkjet printed material delays eventual colour fading that may occur upon time. This colour fading is dependent from the quality of the inkjet inks, the orientation of the printed material, the angle of display and the exact location of exposure on the Globe. For more information, please consult Technical Bulletin 7.5 “Outdoor Durability of combined print Media and Laminates” on our web site.


Always test the combination of JT 5000 products, inks and laminating films prior to commercial use.

  • ­  Printing conditionsA conditioned pressroom, ± 23°C and 50 % R.H.
  • ­  Laminating conditionsPlease ensure the print is perfectly dry. The printed material should be left to dry for at least 48 hours prior to lamination or transport.
    If the printed graphics is likely to be exposed to corrosive liquids, smoke, fumes, highly polluted areas or if there is a likelihood of scratching or friction or to ensure longer durability, it is strongly recommended to laminate the prints with pressure-sensitive protective films PG 7281-84-85.
    MACtac denies responsibility for product failure if non-MACtac laminating films are used for the application.
  • ­  Transportation conditionsTo allow easy transportation, IMAGin JT series can be rolled up, with the image on the outside, with a minimum diameter of 15 cm (for example on a 6 inches core).
    When the image is not protected with a laminating film, make sure that the print is perfectly dry before rolling it over. To avoid exposing the print to any liquid aggressions, prints should be protected by a plastic bag. During the transport or storage of the prints, avoid exposing them to extreme temperature and humidity variations.

    GENERAL REMARK : factors affecting adhesion
    To ensure application suitability – always test the proposed construction under actual application and end-use conditions before going into full production.
    The following factors will adversely affect adhesion of a pressure-sensitive adhesive:

    * Dusty, dirty, oily or oxidized surfaces
    * Mould release agents on blow-moulded plastic surfaces
    * Low surface energy substrates, such as: polyethylene, polypropylene…
    * Application below the minimum application temperature or use outside of the recommended service temperature ranges.



Face Colour

White Matt

high tack permanent opaque acrylic

Adhesive colour

Outdoor durability
4 years