Production UV LED flatbed printer

Next-generation direct-to-object production flatbed LED UV printer
Capitalising on its peerless heritage in compact UV LED direct- to-object print technology, the UJF-7151plus reaffirms Mimaki’s market dominance in this rapidly developing sector. Geared to on-demand printing of the very highest quality at industrial production levels of output, UJF-7151 plus utilises state-of-the-art technology to deliver a powerful and reliable digital alternative to traditional screen print operations.

Applications of UJF-7151plus

Unlimited Possibilities

Promotional items, personalised giftware, bespoke products, control panels, pens, packaging, small-medium format rigid signage, instrumentation & gauge faces, custom components, branded electronic device cases and covers and much more…


















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  • Single piece alloy cast base frame structure to increase rigidity of overall machine – reduces structural flex or twist.
  • Print bed moves forward/backward; not the bridge assembly – less vibration, flex or twist.
  • Two independent high precision ‘ball screw’ drives to move the bed forward/backward – more accuracy in bed position. ‘Soft drive’.
  • 4 independent Z axis motors to raise and lower the print bed – more accuracy in bed level & position. ‘Soft drive’.
  • Automatic bed levelling function – more accuracy in bed level & position.
  • MAPS4 – next generation of MAPS to achieve better quality at higher production speeds by eliminating banding and uneven colour by dispersing ink droplets between passes.
  • MCC – Mimaki clear control – minimises dust ingress and bubble formation – single pass gloss finish achievable.
  • Wider LED UV lamp – cure/pin/cure – enables more LED UV control over a wider area for better quality, single pass gloss finish, and potentially eliminating secondary cure passes. More consistent quality.
  • MFD1 – Mimaki Fine diffusion – patented ink droplet diffusion pattern for higher quality image. Reduces ‘noise’ and uneven colour patternation.
  • Toshiba print heads (6) – physically wider and allowing ink recirculation through print head –Eliminates ink bubbles build up, and pigment precipitation, thus maximises ink quality when required to fire. Uses meniscus at nozzle point. Reduces cleaning cycle requirement.
  • Automatic head pressure system – other models are manual, or none at all – Better stability.
  • Droplet sheer technology – allows the ink droplet to be ‘cut across’ – advancement on standard Piezo push/pull. Better drop shape control.
  • Wave form – allows better jet control of each ink droplet for optimum angle, and maintained circularity – sharper definition.
  • Wider ink droplet size range – denser single pass white. CMYK = 6pl, 12pl and 18pl. White = 6pl, 18pl and 30pl.
  • Variable size of both CMYK and white ink droplets can be fired simultaneously – higher quality image and better productivity.
  • NCU – Nozzle check unit – automatically checks for blocked or failed nozzles whilst printing continues.
  • Maintains quality and production
  • NRS – Nozzle recovery system – automatically deals with blocked or failed nozzles whilst printing continues.
  • 1 litre ink bottle feed – 13.5p/ml = 244% / 166% lower cost ink than previous UJF models based on the 220ml / 600ml ink containers (1 litre bottle = £135 / 600ml sack = £135 / 220ml cartridge = £72.95)
  • Less wastage with inverted bottle, less downtime to change inks, less plastic wastage in packaging
  • LUS120 ink coming soon – expected March 16 – even lower cost at just 8p/ml (1 litre = £79.95)
  • Ethernet connectivity – allows upto 4 machines to be driven simultaneously and via network
  • PR200 printable primer – allows better adhesion to ‘difficult’ media types
  • Improved media ‘laser’ sensor – more effective and also detects clear media
  • Event mailing – printer status can now be e-mailed to end user via internet – start, finish, errors etc.


Print head
On-demand piezo head (6 staggered printheads )

Maximum print area
710 × 510mm

Printing resolutions

Ink type
LH-100 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
PR-200 (Primer)

Ink capacity
1L bottle

Media size
710 × 510mm or smaller

Media weight
10kg or less

UV device

USB 2.0 Hi-speed / Ethernet 1000BASE-T

Power consumption

Dimensions (w x d x h)
2,198 × 1,572 ×1,273mm

317kg (Base stand weight is included)