Onyx Production House

ONYX® ProductionHouseTM provides an easy workflow that produces great colour on all of your devices. All of your jobs follow the same easy workflow and all of your printer operators use this same easy workflow regardless of output device.

Preflight is easy to navigate and easy to use because key actions and controls are located in the main tabs. Preflight also shows you final output colours on your screen, saving you the hassle of having to print an image to see the final colours of each job.

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Simply click File—Open—Print to achieve great output

Print directly from Mac- or PC-based creative applications

Get a user-friendly preflight and printer queue

Get free, automated software and driver updates with ONYX® AutoUpdate

Easily calibrate any media substrate

Take advantage of the full gamut of your printers with ink control tools

Recalibrate your printers quickly without having to rebuild ICC colour profiles

Get consistent colour over multiple print devices

Achieve excellent black generation and spot-colour matching

Superior Flatbed Workflow Layout tool for custom placement of print jobs

Get more jobs per sheet than other RIPs with maximized nesting

Optimized for large-format printing

Work across platforms and drive multiple printers from various manufacturers

Interactively scale, crop, and rotate images

Apply custom tiling to oversized prints

Make colour corrections and replace colour or a range of colours from Preflight

Easily track ink usage and get cost estimates before printing

RIP and Print-on-the-fly for PostScript/PDF