Onyx Postershop

ONYX PosterShop increases your productivity by giving you flexible control over job workflow. PosterShop includes support for two printers with multiple Hot Folders (used for setting job properties). Print directly from your creative applications or drag and drop jobs into the appropriate Hot Folder. When the system detects an available printer matching the job properties, printing begins automatically.

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Finance or rental terms upon request.


Simply click File—Open—Print to achieve great output

Install the program and printer drivers in one easy step

Print directly from Mac- or PC-based creative applications

Get a user-friendly preflight and printer queue

Get all the media profiles you need from the ONYX Graphics website

Get free, automated software and driver updates with ONYX® AutoUpdate

Quick recalibration directly from RIP-Queue

Easily track ink usage and get cost estimates before printing

Get a complete and easy contour cutting workflow

Interactively scale, crop, and rotate images

Apply custom tiling to oversized prints

Make colour corrections and replace colour or a range colours using Preflight

Achieve brilliant and saturated colours while maintaining grey balance with exclusive PosterColor® technology

RIP-and-print-on-the-fly for PostScript/PDF