Mimaki Tx500-1800B Textile Inkjet Printer

The Mimaki Tx500-1800B delivers high speed, high quality digital printing on a wide range of textiles, including cotton, silk, hemp and rayon. Utilising a belt system, the Mimaki Tx500 is able to print onto materials with stretch as the fabric is held stable during the printing process.

Fast Drying Dye Sub Inks

New Sb300 inksets in 2 litre bottles offer brilliant colour reproduction, excellent fade-resistance and faster drying times.

Direct Printing to Polyester

With the capability to print direct to digitally prepared polyester fabrics removing the need for costly and time-consuming transfer papers

TX500-1800B features newly developed 6 print head technology, in staggered formation, featuring 1280 nozzles per printhead, delivering up to 140 m2/h in 4-colour high speed mode. Variable drop sizes of 7 picolitres and 21 picolitres are available.


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  • A specially designed conveyor belt feeds fabric without tension, enabling high quality printing on elastic materials, even with unattended operation.
  • Print speed 1.6 times greater than conventional Mimaki textile printing products at 60 square meters per hour and 600×450 dpi.
  • Plateless on-demand printing in up to 8 colours with fast delivery of small lot manufacturing for improved time to market.
  • A variable dot function that delivers rich gradation without banding and accurate printing of fine lines for added value in the final product for fashion design.
  • Various ink types that support a wide range of materials to meet the diverse needs of the textile and apparel industries. This includes reactive dye ink (Rc300), sublimation dye ink (Sb300), acid dye ink and pigment ink. Acid dye and pigment inks will be available in the near future. Ink is available in 2-litre ink bottles for reduced ink costs.
  • Automatic process for cleaning and drying the conveyor belt between or during projects to ensure that media is protected from staining or dampness.


Print Width
1,820 mm

Production Speed
600x600 8p (8 col) 600x900 6p (4 col)

3,830 x 2,600 x 1,800 mm (excluding ink supply unit)

Textile Printer