Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS)

Environmentally friendly and commercially attractive, 2 litre ink sacks system for the popular Mimaki SS21 solvent inks. The MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System) is an option for use with Mimaki’s CJV30, JV33 and JV5 printer range, and provides high volume onboard ink for ultra long print runs, and money savings.

The 2 litre ink sacks retail with a real saving of 18% over the standard 440cc cartridges, and require Mimaki’s MBIS to run with. Payback on initial outlay can be achieved within as little as 3 months of printing, with significant savings to your bottom line profit thereafter.  Savings when used with a Mimaki JV5 and the likely higher ink volumes used are achieved significantly faster and the whole system offers excellent value all round.

The MBIS features auto switching between sacks and delivers the ink in a highly precise manner – ensuring the ultimate in print quality and head control.

Below is cost justification information on the Mimaki bulk ink system (MBIS) . This is a genuine Mimaki system and runs the exact same SS21 ink as is in your 440ml cartridges.

JV33 / JV5 SS21 ink – 2000ml Bulk system justification:

  • Existing 440ml SS21 ink cartridge at list £89.95 = 20.45p/ml of ink.
  • New 2000ml SS21 ink sack at list – £335.00 = 16.75p/ml of ink
  • Saving between SS21 440ml cartridge and SS21 2000ml sack = 3.7p/ml of ink.

The MBIS system is £2,500 as an initial layout.  To justify this outlay if we assume a typical current printer usage based on 10ml of ink per Sq. metre, at 10mtr. sq. per hour, in an 8 hour day, uses 800ml per day.  This usage will effectively save you nearly £30 per day, or £150 per week.  Look at it another way, the £2,500 initial outlay will be recovered within 17 weeks of implementation, or about 4 months!  In the next 8 months you will be about £4,800 more profitable, which will go direct to your bottom line, and over £7,200 per annum thereafter (based on above figures)

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