LFP Series 1693

80μ Soft-PVC polymeric, etched-glass frosted.

Intercoat LFP Series 1600 is a self-adhesive polymeric soft-PVC, etched-glass frosted, 80 microns.

It is a digital print vinyl for eco-solvent, solvent, UV and HP latex based ink systems.


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B1 flame retardant according to DIN 4102, part 1applied on PVC-rigid board “Forex Classic”

REACH conform

Complies with the toys regulation EN 71/ Part 3 ( phthalate free )


Recommended application temperature
min. + 10°C

Product application temperature
- 30 to + 80°C

5-7 years

Shelf life at 23°C / 50% moisture
2 years in original boxes

Dimension stability ( FINAT 14)
adhered to steel , no shrinkage in cross direction (CD) in machine direction (MD) max 0,2 mm

80 ± 5 μm

Stretch at break MD
> 160 %

Tear resistance MD
> 26 Mpa

Adhesion R2 → Removable, clear
6 ±3 N/25mm

Adhesion P3 → Permanent, clear
14 ±6 N/25mm

Adhesion P4 → Super-Permanent, clear
18 ±6 N/25mm

H14 siliconised Kraftliner
Caliper 0.144mm
Substance 135g/m2

D18 siliconised Kraftliner, double-sided PE-coated
Caliper 0.150mm
Substance 140g/m2

D17 siliconised Kraftliner, double-sided PE-coated, microstructured
Caliper 0.180mm
Substance 145g/m2