LFP Series 1690

Outdoor and indoor self adhesive applications

70μ Soft-PVC polymeric, white glossy

Intercoat LFP Series 1600 is a self-adhesive polymeric soft-PVC, white glossy, 70 microns.

Polymeric Digital Gloss White Vinyl 1690 Series Premium Line

  • The polymeric self-adhesive premium line 1690 vinyl can be used on a large number of solvent, latex and UV printing applications and is suitable for applying to flat surfaces
  • Special lie-flat properties allow trouble free printing and finishing
  • The white surface allows a reproduction of bright colours and excellent contrast
  • The B1 fire rating makes it suitable to use in public areas and on public transport
  • The polymeric self-adhesive premium line 1690 vinyl is available in different combinations for many different applications
  • These combinations can include bubble free, lay flat, and natural silicone backings with clear and grey adhesives, available permanent or removable.

Roll sizes available

100 micron face-film , 1050mm,1372mm,1524mm, and 1600mm. All rolls are 50 liner metres long.

Printing tips

Ideally allow print to evaporate completely for 24 hours, the print may be loosely rolled up with the print side up so the graphic has the best chance to dry.

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B1 flame retardant according to DIN 4102, part 1applied on PVC-rigid board “Forex Classic”

REACH conform

Complies with the toys regulation EN 71/ Part 3 ( phthalate free )


Recommended application temperature
min. + 10°C

Product application temperature
- 30 to + 80°C

5-7 years

Shelf life at 23°C / 50% moisture
2 years in original boxes

Dimension stability ( FINAT 14)
adhered to steel , no shrinkage in cross direction (CD) in machine direction (MD) max 0,2 mm

70 ± 5 μm

Stretch at break MD
> 160 %

Tear resistance MD
> 26 Mpa

Adhesion R2 → Removable, clear
6 ±3 N/25mm

Adhesion R3xg → Removable, grey
10 ±4 N/25mm

Adhesion P3 → Permanent, clear
14 ±6 N/25mm

Adhesion P3xg → Permanent, grey
16 ±6 N/25mm

Adhesion P4 → Super-Permanent, clear
18 ±6 N/25mm

Adhesion P31g → Permanent, grey
14 ±6 N/25mm

H14 siliconised Kraftliner
Caliper 0.144mm
Substance 135g/m2

D18 siliconised Kraftliner, double-sided PE-coated
Caliper 0.150mm
Substance 140g/m2

D17 siliconised Kraftliner, double-sided PE-coated, microstructured
Caliper 0.180mm
Substance 145g/m2