LF 3898 is a self-adhesive especially designed for overlaminating and protecting large and medium size digital prints.

Laminating films provide protection against abrasion, moisture and other potentially damaging effects. Suitable for interior and exterior environments, it also helps retard colour fade caused by ultraviolet light exposure.

LUV 3898 has specifically been designed for the protection of digital UV prints. It is however also compatible with other standard digital printing techniques like SB, ecosolvent and latex.


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  • LF3800 is a series of soft 80 μ PVC coated on one side with a clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive is protected by a white, easy to remove paper liner.
  • LF 3800 series provide different finishes to the prints as well as protection against potential damages:
  • LF3898 : clear matt finish

LF3800 laminating films

  • retard colour fade caused by ultraviolet (U.V.) light exposure
  • do not influence the pH level of the substrate to which it is applied.
  • are not compatible with substrates printed with oil-based inks.



Adhesive Colour

Outdoor durability
3 years