Kongsberg XP

The Kongsberg XP introduces a completely new standard for digital cutting tables. It is designed so solidly that it provides accurate handling of even the most challenging materials. It was made especially for handling the combination of corrugated board and other rigid materials used in packaging, POP products and product display. Its durable construction enables the XP table to provide full time production, 24/7. The finishing device is no longer the bottleneck in your production.

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The construction is built for continuous 24/7 operation

The XP is the fastest table in its kind: top speed 100 m/minute

The optional i-cut vision system guarantees a perfect match between the cutting contour and the printed graphics

Flexible vacuum zones, depending on the material you‘re finishing

Processes a wide array of materials

Integration with the CAD editor



Work Area
XP20: 1680 x 1430 mm; 66” x 56”
XP24: 1680 x 3200 mm; 66” x 126”
XP44: 2210 x 3200 mm; 87” x 126”

Maximum material size
XP20: 1780 x 1800 mm; 70” x 71”
XP24: 1780 x 3600 mm; 70” x 141”
XP44: 2310 x 3600 mm; 91” x 135”

Maximum material size
XP20: 1680 mm x unlimited; 66” x unlimited
XP24: 1680 mm x unlimited; 66” x unlimited
XP44: 2210 mm x unlimited; 87” x unlimited

Overall dimensions
XP20: 3600 x 2100 mm; 142” x 82.7”
XP24: 3600 x 3900 mm; 142” x 154”
XP44: 3600 x 3900 mm; 142” x 154”

XP20: 450 kg; 990 lbs
XP24: 600 kg; 1325 lbs
XP44: 800 kg; 1760 lbs

Maximum speed
100 m/min - 66 IPS

Maximum acceleration
XP20 and XP24: 15 m/s2 - 1.5 G
XP44:14 m/s2 - 1.4 G

Position accuracy (total work area)
XP20 and XP24: ±200 μm; ±.0078”
XP44: ±300 μm; ±.0118”

XP20 and XP24: ±50 μ - ±.0019”
XP44: ±60 μ - ±.0023”

Standard vacuum
XP20: 1 zone
XP24 and XP44: 2 zones

Optional vacuum sectioning
XP20: 4 zones
XP24 and XP44: 8 zones

Registration and compensation
i-cut Vision Pro or Automatic Registration System (ARS)

Operator workstation
Revolving workstation attached to the XP frame with operator panel and space for tooling, controller PC, screen and keyboard.

Available tool options
Reciprocating knife tools
Static knife tools
HeavyDuty Tool Unit module, with inserts for crease wheels, v-notch knives
and vertical HD knives
High-Power Milling Unit
High-Speed Milling Unit
Foam Cutting Unit
Drill tool
RotaCut Tool for textile material
PressCut Tool for adhesive vinyl
Pen plotting tools