Kongsberg XP Tooling

Corrugated converting, POP and signage demand the ability and the versatility to process a wide array of materials, the Kongsberg XP tools handle them all with ease and accuracy.

The XP table excels in processing a wide variety of materials, such as paper, foam board, corrugated stocks, PVC, acrylic, plexiglass, styrene, aluminum composite, vinyl, wood, polypropylene, and more. The Kongsberg XP comes equipped with a wide range of tools to make this versatility possible.


Cutting and Milling:

  • Several materials can be cut at top speed, 100 m/minute, and an idle speed of 100 m/minute makes the XP more efficient even with materials that demand a reduced feed rate.
  • There are many other parameters important for throughput: the lightening quick acceleration of 1.5G, which delivers top speed in about 8 cm (3.2”), the fast, switch-operated change of milling bits and intelligent tooling that automatically recalls setup parameters all contribute to increased productivity.

Changing tools:

  • Changing tools is easy and very fast: changing a milling bit for instance is done in less than 20 seconds (including bit calibration).
  • The system recognizes the tool units automatically, through electronic identifiers.
  • The Kongsberg XP has an Automatic Tool Leveling feature that calibrates the vertical operating level of all the Kongsberg tools.
  • Changing knifes, drills and milling bits no longer slows down production. It also becomes a lot safer because human errors are a thing of the past.

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