Kongsberg XN

In a world with rapid technology and business change, it is important to invest in equipment that offers all of the capabilities you need for the present, but with flexibility for the future. The Kongsberg XN is easily the most versatile digital finishing device ever introduced. Whether your focus is 2D or 3D; packaging, signs or displays; or with just about any material from vinyls to boards to wood; the Kongsberg XN is perfect for any job or application. It can  even be used to cut flexographic plates as part of the Esko Digital Flexo Suite. The Kongsberg XN is available in seven different sizes from 1680 x 1270 mm (66” x 50”) to 2210 x 6550 mm (87” x 258”).

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Table Mapping: Dynamic table mapping procedure provides real-time update to the exact field conditions. Precise automatic z-control during finishing means less damage to the underlay.

i-cut Vision Pro: The Kongsberg XN can be controlled by i-cut Vision Pro, the industry standard for vision-based cutting. It ensures highly efficient production along with simple and extremely accurate print-to-cut registration, even with print-distorted materials.

Tool exchange: Exchanging different tools is quick and error-free, because every insert is identified by a unique bar code. Specific tuning parameters are stored in memory to avoid expensive operator errors.

Toolheads: A set of advanced, quick-change tool heads provides unsurpassed versatility, making it easy to set up the machine to process any material for just about any application.

Sandwich steel construction: The XN series features the famous, rock-solid Kongsberg tabletop construction that will never warp or go out of level, even after decades of heavy use. Most Kongsberg cutting tables are still in operation today.

Tool inserts: Insert knife tools are available for cutting all relevant materials ranging from thin paper to synthetic sheets through heavyduty packaging and display material. The tooling selection also includes crease tools, plotting and drilling tools.


Work area, all tools
XN20:1680mm x 1270mm; 66" x 50"
XN22:1680mm x 2190mm; 66" x 86"
XN24:1680mm x 3200mm; 66" x 126"
XN40: 2210mm x 1270mm; 87" x 50"
XN44: 2210mm x 3200mm; 87" x 126"
XN46: 2210mm x 4800mm; 87" x 189"
XN48: 2210mm x 6550mm; 87" x 258"

Max. material size
XN20: 1740mm x 1750mm; 68" x 69"
XN22: 1740mm x 2570mm; 68" x 101"
XN24: 1740mm x 3575mm; 68" x 140"
XN40: 2270mm x 1750mm; 89" x 69"
XN44: 2270mm x 3575mm; 89" x 140"
XN46: 2270mm x 5250mm; 89" x 206"
XN48: 2270mm x 6930mm; 90" x 273"

Max. material width w/ conveyor system
XN20: 1680mm; 66"
XN22: 1680mm; 66"
XN24: 1680mm; 66"
XN40: 2210mm; 87"
XN44: 2210mm; 87"
XN46: 2210mm; 87"
XN48: N/A

Overall dimensions w/ front panel
XN20: 2780mm x 2450mm; 109½" x 96½"
XN22: 2780mm x 3040mm; 109½" x 119½"
XN24: 2780mm x 4050mm; 109½" x 159½"
XN40: 3300mm x 2250mm; 130" x 88½"
XN44: 3300mm x 4050mm; 130" x 159½"
XN46: 3300mm x 5730mm; 130" x 225½"
XN48: 3300mm x 7410mm; 130" x 291½"

Overall dimensions w/ RWS
XN20: 3600mm x 2160mm; 141¾" x 85"
XN22: 3600mm x 2950mm; 141¾" x 116"
XN24: 3600mm x 3960mm; 141¾" x 156"
XN40: 4070mm x 2160mm; 160¼" x 85"
XN44: 4070mm x 3960mm; 160¼" x 156"
XN46: 4070mm x 5640mm; 160¼" x 222"
XN48: 4070mm x 7320mm; 160¼" x 288¼"

XN20: 455 kg; 1000 lbs
XN22: 525 kg; 1150 Ibs
XN24: 630 kg; 1390 Ibs
XN40: 490 kg; 1080 Ibs
XN44: 815 kg; 1800 Ibs
XN46: 1150 kg; 2540 Ibs
XN48: 1485 kg; 3270 Ibs

Position accuracy
XN20: ±200 μm; ±.0078”
XN22: ±200 μm; ±.0078”
XN24: ±200 μm; ±.0078”
XN40: ±250 μm; ±.0098”
XN44: ±300 μm; ±.012”
XN46: ±350 μm; ±.014”
XN48: ±400 μm; ±.016”

XN20, XN22, XN24: ±50 μm – ±.0019”
XN40, XN44, XN46, XN48: ±60 μm – ±.0023”

Maximum speed
50 m/min – 33 IPS

Maximum acceleration
XN20, XN22, XN24: 5.6 m/s2 - 0.56 G
XN40, XN44, XN46, XN48: 5.4m/s2 - 0.54 G

Vertical tool force
Standard tool stations: 220 N. PowerHead crease station: 500 N

No. of vacuum sections
XN20: 1 (2 optional)
XN22: 1 (2 optional)
XN24: 2 (selectable), (4 optional)
XN40: 1 (2 optional)
XN44: 2 (selectable), (4 optional)
XN46: 3 (selectable), (4 optional)
XN48: 4 (selectable)

Field upgradeable to:
XN20: XN24
XN22: -
XN24: -
XN40: XN44, XN46, XN48
XN44: XN46, XN48
XN46: XN48
XN48: -

Standard traverse clearance
Standard clearance 50 mm – 2”

Optional traverse clearance
High clearance 95 mm – 3 ¾”

Operator safety
Included is the DynaGuard Safety System, which protects the operator and bystanders from potential machine
hazards. The movable parts of the machine (traverse, carriage) are surrounded by a set of photocell
sensors that, if activated, will immediately stop the machine and wait for the operator to resume operation.
If the end of the traverse hits a bystander the photocell beam goes out of position and operation is stopped.