Kongsberg XN Tooling

The Konsberg XN series offers a set of advanced, quick-change tool heads that provide unsurpassed versatility, making it easy to set up the machine to process any material for just about any application.



  • Combines all the tool insert options with a milling spindle up to 60.000 RPM. This makes it the most versatile solution for POP display makers and sign producers who can process flexible substrates to folding carton to hard PVC and acrylic panels.
  • The air-cooled milling bit assures edge quality during high-speed milling of acrylics and other synthetics. The switch-operated bit exchange eliminates the need for hand tools. 

MultiCUT-HP (High Power):

  • Offers the same operating functions as the standard MultiCUT but is equipped with a super-strong, water-cooled milling spindle delivering up to three times faster milling speeds.
  • The 3kW high power spindle is a great choice for shops that need extended milling duty-cycles and/or who work extensively with heavy-duty materials such as thick sheets of acrylic, wood/MDF and aluminum composite material.


  • Ensures superior performance with such as double wall, triple wall and recycled board, plus the newest environmental boards.
  • Features 150 mm (6“) diameter crease wheels and additional scoring pressure with 2 1/2 times more down force to crease high recycle content boards without breaking the liner.
  • The PowerHead’s knife adapter can offer V-notch cutting, with mitered corners and extremely precise folds for loading pallets, and container cushioning pieces, and paper core board displays.


  • Offers highly accurate, powerful cutting — on all flexible and thin materials such as paper, folding carton, vinyl, textile and more.
  • The FlexiHead, like all the other toolheads, is attached to a very precise servo axis controlling the tool depth when cutting, creasing and routing.
  • Three configurable tool stations accommodate a full range of standard tool inserts.
  • Specially designed knife and crease tool inserts are available to produce folding cartons with the same high throughput as corrugated jobs.


  • Uses a reciprocating knife to handle foam materials with a maximum thickness of 86 mm [3 3/8”].
  • With serrated-edge blades, it can also manage thick honeycomb paperboard.
  • Three blade adapters of different lengths control the blade length so it can be matched to material thickness.
  • Easy to program accurate partial through-cuts thanks to the advanced Z-axis control.

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