Keencut Evolution E2 Cutter Bar

The new Keencut Evolution E2 integrated wide format cutting system was designed to revolutionise the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process. Intended to fit on any bench or the purpose built Keencut EVO2 bench the all new Evolution E2 share the same outstanding 1:15000 straightness accuracy guarantee of the first generation Evolution and the world renowned javelin Xtra cutter bar.

The unique four piece cutter slide way and torsion bar extrusion combines with the full length base plate to create a cutting machine that will meet the challenges of the most demanding of operator and safely process valuable artwork.

Available in five practical sizes, from 1.6 to 3.6 meters, the Evolution E2 has been created to handle the output of every size and type of roll feed or flatbed printer with the capability to cut materials as diverse as flag, banner, PVC foamboard, foamcore and much more.

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Cutting versatility

The Evolution E2 comes as standard with three different types of blade holder: two graphik blade holders, a medium duty blade holder and a circular knife blade holder to provide maximum cutting versatility in a single cutting unit.
Dual tool cutting head

The dual tool cutting head accepts two blade holders at one time which allow for cutting of different materials, thicknesses or different directions.

Easy single person operation

A sturdy torsion bar allows single left or right handed operation to lift and control the entire cutter bar from a single end.

Built in textile cutting operation

A built in textile cutting track and cutting attachment (included as standard) adds the final refinement to the most versatile accurate and simple to use wide format cutting system ever.