Kala DS67

Kala’s heat transfer calender DS67 (67″) has been developed to meet the growing dye sublimation textile printing market for the fixation of direct print on to fabric.

The DS67 will transfer dye sublimation from paper to fabric or fix ink on to directly printed fabrics.  It is suited to work with all dye, direct disperse dye and oil-based inks for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications which include:

  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Display stands
  • Decoration
  • Sportswear
  • Promotional items

Ideal for short and long runs.

Ease of Use
The calender is delivered with 6 self-locking shafts.  These shafts can be used in any position on the machine.  Once installed on the shaft, the roll of material is kept in place by the locking profile.  No tools are required to install the media onto the shaft.

Easy Maintenance
As the DS67 doesn’t use an air or oil compressor, it is ideal for clean environments and requires very little maintenance.  Two 50mm diameter inserts located at the back can be used to plug an air filter in for vacuuming the exhaust fumes produced by sublimation.

Temperature is adjustable to 220°C.  Exposure time can be adjusted from 25-180 seconds.

Belt mechanism
The belt is made from Nomex® reinforced in the centre by a kevlar blade which guarantees the level of transfer quality over time.  Mechanically adjusted without compressed air, the belt doesn’t need any adjustment by the user before or during transfer.

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  • Working width of 1.68m (67 inches)
  • Heats up to 220 degC
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Variable speed settings for a range of materials
  • Optional table



Max. Temp

Diameter heating drum

Heating system
infra red bulb

Heating time to 200C
30 minutes

Digital display of temp

Drive belt material
Nomex® reinforced kevlar blade

Working range for exposure time & operating speed
40 seconds: 1.08m/min
90 seconds: .29m/min

Reverse operation

Media shafts
Self-locking - 6 pieces included: 3 for unwinding/3 for winding

Max Material Feed Roll Dimensions
Upper position: 250mm (10")
Mid front position: 250mm (10")
Low front position - 250mm (10")

User protection
Safety cover in front of rollers with safety swtich and reset on control panel

Exhaust fume extraction
2 extraction pipes 50mm diameter linked to both ends of the machine to vacuum smoke and vapours produced during sublimation

Power consumption

Electrical specifications
230-240 V/50-60 Hz/28 A

Electrical connection
CEE plug 32 A - 5 pole - 3 phase + N + PE

Acoustic noise level
> 70db

Dimensions cm (w x d x h)
208 x 96 x 155