Intercoat Polymeric PROTEC 902p

Protective Laminating Films

This Intercoat Polymeric PROTEC 902p H12 P3 LFP Protection Film self-adhesive polymeric soft-PVC, transparent glossy media is 75 microns.

Intercoat Protec 902p is a polymeric gloss laminate for the finishing and protection of both indoor and outdoor graphics.

The surface is of a high clarity so the laminate produces a high quality finish and protects your prints from damage. Recommended for use with Intercoat premium line polymeric digital printing vinyl.


  • Easy to use, and can be used as a print vinyl
  • High quality finish for your graphics
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Control tack P3 clear adhesive giving easier application
  • Durability 5 years.

Roll sizes available

80 micron face-film, 1050mm,1372mm,1524mm, and 1600mm x 50M long.

Hints & Tips

The standard information on usage is that you allow the print to dry out for 24 hours before applying. Try to lay your image flat allowing print to breath.
This will give your graphics high quality finishing and longer life.

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Soft 75 micron face-film

White kraft liner

High clarity surface

Gloss finish

UV filter

P3 permanent adhesive


Recommended application temperature
min. + 10°C

Product application temperature
- 30 to + 80°C

5 years

Shelf life at 23°C / 50% moisture
2 years in original boxes

75 ± 5

Stretch at break MD
>160 μm ISO 534

Tear resistance MD
>26 Mpa DIN EN ISO 527

Adhesion* P3 → Permanent, clear
14 ±6
Finat 1
24h on Glass

K7W siliconised Glassine paper
Caliper EN ISO 20 534 - 0.062mm
Substance ISO 536 - 72g/m2

H12 siliconised Kraft liner
Caliper EN ISO 20 534 - 0.0144mm
Substance ISO 536 - 135g/m2